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Mr.Ved Parkash.

 Ved Parkash was known as the most trusted News Cameraman in the world. The title which he originally earned from the filming of Mahatma Gandhi’s Funeral in 1948
Ved started his career as a News and Camera reporter in the year 1939.In 1944 he joined the Indian News Parade Department of Information & Broadcasting Government of India. In 1945 He joined the British Paramount News as their Staff Cameraman in India. Covered all important News including the Partition of India and the change of population. In 1953 he resigned from British Paramount News to take over as Director Cameraman with the United Nations at its Headquarters at New York. He filmed several Documentary reels for the United Nation  and also compiled the weekly News during the UN General Assembly Sessions.  He returned to India towards the end of 1955 and started covering News Events for Pathe News London & Hearst Mertotone News New York. During this period he prepared several documentary reels for the USIS   and German TV Hamburg. Once again in late 50’s he proceeded to the UK & the USA  only to return in early 60’s preparing programmes for This Week for Associated Rediffusion. He also Filmed an interview with Pandit Nehru which was extremely appreciated and earned him laurels abroad. In the Year 1962 Ved prepared five programmes for the David Brinkleys Journal in Ektachrome Colour. In March 1962 He filmed a programme for Associated Rediffusion with Director Randell Beaty.
Ved covered many pivotal moments in Indian History including the funeral of Mahatma Gandhi , Indo Chinese  aggression 1962, Indo Pak war 1971, and he led the News Caste to First place in  the ratings with the American News Agencies /Networks. His filming style gave him respect and credibility with the foreign News Agencies.
For Decades Ved was the most trusted name in India /America/ England. In the Industry of Icons Ved set a standard by which all others have been judged. He was there thru wars, riots, marches and achieved milestones after milesstones and throughout never lost the integrity he had gained.
He was known to the generation as a most trusted News Cameraman in India and abroad. Ved brought in a level of Experience and Credibility that few had ever earned and matched.  He was a star in his own right. He achieved what no other cameraman had ever done. He injected talent, determination, warmth and humility in every assignment. People considered  themselves    fortunate to be associated with Ved and were always glad to have him as a friend.